Welcome to my site!

Hi! I'm Wendy Adams and this is my brand new website. I'm so excited about our brand new adventure together. Believe it or not it almost didn't happen. I've been so busy as a bikini fitness model and instructor, I wasn't sure I would have time to put together a website but here I am! I recently purchased a new bikini from teenyb.com and after my friend took some photos of me wearing it, it really inspired me to put this site up. I looked amazing in this bikini and why shouldn't I? I train myself and others every day to look their best in a bikini up on stage. Hopefully I can inspire others as well through my site to start living a healthy lifestyle and looking your best.

As far as a little bit about myself, well I'm of Italian and Portugese decent. I was born in Italy but came here with my family when I was just 5 years old. I have two younger sisters and two older brothers. Yeah, I'm the middle child. Believe me, it's been tough growing up but I love my siblings. We're very close.

I wanted to start this site so I could see my work and share it with my friends, family and friends, oh and new friends like you too. I hope you enjoy it and please bookmark me so you can come back for any updates or changes. I'm so happy that you stopped by!!! Take it easy.

(that's my Dad's nickname for me!)

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